Youth Empowerment in Climate Actions Platform - Asia and the Pacific 

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Overview ▼

The science is clear, countries have a short window of time to take the urgent action necessary to limit average global temperature rise to a safer 1.5 °C. Global warming is already causing long-lasting changes to our climate system and threatens lives and livelihoods around the world. We have a once-in-a generation opportunity - through the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - to ensure a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.


In the recent past, we are witnessing increased interest, engagement, and activism by youth on the climate agenda. Through climate strikes etc. young people have demanded governments and other relevant stakeholders to take collective actions on climate change. With this context in mind, it is important to engage the voices of young people and identify actionable initiatives to lay the foundation for ambitious climate actions.

Awareness for Action - How can youth contribute to making a difference 

From a Promise to Action - How can governments engage youth in meaningful ways 

Knowledge for Action - Making available curated and relevant thought leadership and research 

Resources towards Action - Provide resources to scale up the climate action of young people and youth organizations

Objectives of the platform

- Below are a list of items you are encouraged to take action on with links provided.

Timeline & Milestones (2021)

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Key Activities ▼


Regional Dialogue on Youth Empowerment in Climate Actions 

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Key Highlights 

Agenda - Diverse range of sessions focusing inspiration, knowledge and action

  • Keynote speeches, a panel on leaving no youth behind, hot seat discussion, a marketplace of opportunities, government and youth organization roundtables, un-conference, the launch of the platform

Delegates - Over 2500 registrations and 1100 participants over 2 days 

  • Youth, government partners, civil society, private sector

  • Over 60% female participants 

Speakers - Over 30 speakers representing alll 4 sub-regions in APAC, 60% female, marginalized communities (PWD, Indigenous)

Pre-Events - Over 20 events engaging over 1000 participants 

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Opportunities and knowledge ▼


Stories of young innovators across Asia-Pacific addressing environmental challenges

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More Resources ▼


20 Insights on NDCs in 2020 - Report


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