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Youth Empowerment Portfolio


Areas of Work and Developmental Impact​


The Youth Empowerment Portfolio in Asia and the Pacific (YEP-AP) aims to invest in and empower young people across the region, accelerating the implementation of SDGs. The portfolio promotes and advances youth empowerment in the focus areas or pillars given below:


Youth create transformational change, supporting Asia-Pacific countries ​

to meet their Sustainable Development Goal targets


YEP-AP in 2023

Portfolio in operation with partners onboard: making YEP-AP operational from a concept in the Project document, especially with investments in pillar 2 and 3.​

  • Resource mobilization: pitching to new partners and scaling existing partners as a consolidated offer on youth, flexibility to come up with an offer based on partner/donor interest (with a buffet to select from). 

Emerging initiatives to explore more donor interest covering more than one thematic focus

 Climate Governance which integrates pillar 2 on youth and climate action, and pillar 4 on civic engagement ​

Country offices are using YEP-AP architecture for programming work 

Existing / upcoming projects covering multiple areas/pillars of YEP-AP (e.g. Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Viet Nam etc.); some country offices also make use of it to engage with the government (eg: Sri Lanka)

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